My work.

My chosen media is ceramics and particularly porcelain.


I am constantly experimenting with the physical possibilities of porcelain. I regularly attempt new forms, ideas and continually searching for unique glazes to enhance my work.


I work primary in porcelain for two reasons. First, the type of porcelain I use has elastic qualities that allow it to be formed through stretching and manipulation.  With this, I alter the basic form by pushing the inside and outside of the form, creating convex and concave areas of the piece. My goal is to create a visual movement to the structure.

The second reason for using porcelain involves color. In my experience, glazes on porcelain, fired in a reduction atmosphere, yield spectacular colors. I like to use a combination of glazes that when applied effectively, encourages the viewers eyes to move around the artwork.

My Backgound

1969-1973 - B.A. Art Education,

 Morningside Collage, Sioux City, IA

1973-1991 - Worked as a dental technician

and department manager in Iowa and Arizona


1988-1991 - Completed Master’s Degree, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ

1991-2010 -  K-12 Art teacher, Dysart Unified

School District, Surprise, AZ

2010-2012 - Art Teacher, Ron Watson

Middle School, Yuma, AZ

2012-Currently - Studio Potter and Wheel Throwing instructor, American Museum of Ceramic Arts,

Pomona, CA

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