My Favorite Glazes

New Zealand Tenmoku

Cone 10

Material                    %

Cornwell Stone      50.3

Silica                      19.2

Whiting                   15

Kaolin                      7

Red Iron Oxide         8.5


This is my "go to" liner glaze for many pots. It gives a dark brown to black glossy surface with crystals occasionally forming at the bottom of a deep pot giving the interior some character.

Gray Ball

Cone 10


Custer Feldspar       24.25

Whiting                   19.17

EPK                        19.55

Flint                        37.00



Nickel Oxide              1.00

Cobalt  Carbonate        .125

This is a charcoal grey smooth glaze. We had it for a while at the AMOCA studio, but people didn't use it. By it's self, Grey Ball is sort of plain and needs some other glazes on top to brighten it up. I put Oribe and/or Hillary's Red over it. Then copper wash over all that. The result is a dark background with green and red spot and a crystal accent all over the piece. See above photo.

Yellow Crystal Matt

Cone 10


Barium Carbonate 15.12

Gerstley Borate      6.98

Lithium Carbonate  4.65

Whiting                 16.28

Zinc Oxide             0.58

Custer Feldspar    43.02

EPK                      13.37



Titanium Dioxide   16.28

I have used three different recipes for Yellow Crystal Matt.  The glaze pictured here is a Titanium based formula. There is also a Yellow Iron Oxide recipe and a Rutile recipe. Pots I have fired with the above recipe turn out a lighter yellow color. The color of the yellow crystal matt depends quite a lot on the glaze underneath. Experiment with different clays and glaze compositions before applying it to a pot. Yellow Crystal matt can be runny over glazes like tenmoku and celadons. Test it first.

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